This special conference event is unlike any other. It is proven year after year to give owners and directors the skills, tools, confidence, and motivation to keep going. Check out all the attendee reviews here. Watch the video below to learn what we have in store for you during this year’s Child Care Reimagined: The Success Summit virtual event! 

Why Should You Attend This Conference?

Why you should attend...
Here’s just a tiny spoonful of the huge and transformational benefits that you’ll receive when you attend this conference!

Increase Your Revenue & Profits

Learn how to leverage the quality & value of your program to increase rates without getting any pushback from parents.

Transform Your Company Culture

Discover the latest leadership techniques & skill development to improve your company culture.

Get Your Phone Ringing

You're ready to dramatically increase inquiries into your program from quality prospects.

Hire & Retain A-Players

Stop feeling drained by never-ending staff issues. Learn how to hire & retain A-players that will drive your company and culture forward.

Implement Your Big Vision

Master the art of delegating so you can stop working "in" your business every day and start working "on" your business instead.

Build a Fool-Proof Marketing Strategy

Eliminate "hope" as a strategy by learning how to effectively use digital & social media ads to grow your enrollment and attract A-players to your company.

Get Tools & Action Plans to Train Your Team

Take away tangible training materials that will empower you to train your staff according to your vision, mission, and goals.

Discover What's Working in Your Market

Network & mastermind with child care business owners like you who have successfully grown their businesses from the bottom up.

Regroup, Refresh & Have Fun

Step away from the chaos of your business for a breath of fresh air and positivity & look at your business "from the outside looking in."

October 14th, 15th, and 16th, 2020.

The Child Care Reimagined: Success Summit virtual event is a true owners conference. This is the largest virtual conference in the world for owners of private preschools and child care centers, and over half of the attendees own multiple sites and are in fast growth mode.

Each year we bring new content, new speakers, new strategies, and the latest tools, software, and exhibitors who can help you grow and succeed.

Here’s who is in the audience – and who you will be networking with and making lifelong friendships and “mastermind” relationships with:

  • Owners of private preschools, many with multiple locations 
  • Owners of Montessori and Reggio-inspired schools 
  • Executive directors, directors, and marketing managers 
  • Leaders of church-based and denominational early learning programs 
  • Family child care owners who want to expand to a center-based program 
  • Start-ups of early childhood centers

The Child Care Reimagined: Success Summit is the only virtual early childhood conference that is 100% focused on the ‘business side’ of our industry. We structure the sessions specifically for owners and entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses and serve more people in their community. We offer the best business content, bar none, as well as some of the industry’s top business experts. From marketing and enrollment to expansion and financing, you’ll find it here if you’re an owner or executive director. If you want to be the best in your market, and you’re a success-oriented owner or leader, this is a can’t-miss event.

Absolutely not. We focus on nearly every aspect of the ‘business side’ of child care and preschool. In addition to the latest marketing and enrollment-building techniques, we teach mindset, motivation, staffing, systems and leadership strategies. We teach and inspire so you can live your best life, in addition to being fully enrolled with a wait-list

No. This is not one of those events. This is a true training boot-camp taught by Kris Murray, a well-known and in-demand child care business expert. Along with getting lots of ‘Kris Murray’ content and strategies, you’ll also get the chance to hear from several special guest expert speakers that have been hand-selected by Kris and her team on topics of leadership, marketing, staff motivation and financial success strategies. The main stage sessions and breakout workshops have been carefully crafted to bring you a unique blend of business breakthroughs and “what’s working now” ideas. You’ll also hear from early learning business owners just like you on strategies they’ve implemented and actual results they’ve gotten, so you can model their success.

We strongly suggest that you purchase tickets for a key director or two from your team, so everyone takes away the same motivation, vision for growth, and drive to implement what they learned from the conference. 

However, you will also get a lot out of it if you attend alone or with a spouse, because you’ll be able to truly “get away from your business” to work on your growth plan and strategic vision – as well as network with other owners. 

Either way, you can’t lose. Get yourself registered now – you can always choose your guest later and purchase additional tickets later if you need to.

Yes! We currently have four sponsors in our virtual vendor hall for all attendees to visit and will continue to add more! 
Session recordings will only be available to Child Care Success Academy members. 

Each ticket is $197 per person. All additional guest tickets are also $197 per person. 

***If you are a Child Care Success Academy Growth or Freedom member, you will be given 2 (two) free additional guest tickets. If you are a Child Care Success Academy Empire member, you will be given 4 (four) free additional guest tickets.


You may transfer your registration to another person inside your company by notifying customer no later than Wednesday, September 30, 2020. Your request must include your name, company and e-mail address as well as that of the person who will now be attending in your place. No refunds will be given.

Option 1: Tickets you have purchased for the 2020 Child Care Success Summit may be applied towards the 2021 Child Care Success Summit. If you choose this option, you will then receive free tickets to Child Care Reimagined: Success Summit 2020. The number of free tickets you receive will correspond with the number of seats you have already purchased.
Example: If you bought 1 BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) ticket for two people to attend the 2020 Child Care Success Summit, that ticket for two people will be applied to the 2021 Child Care Success Summit. You will then receive two free tickets to Child Care Reimagined: Success Summit 2020.
**If this option is chosen, we ask that you please pay a refundable seat deposit of $75. This will allow us to collect your proper shipping address to be able to send you a box of goodies before the event! We will simply refund your seat deposit at the end of the event.
Option 2: You may request a refund for your 2020 Child Care Success Summit ticket by August 10th2020. If you choose this option, you will not receive the free bonus ticket to attend Child Care Reimagined: Success Summit 2020 and you will have to re-purchase tickets to the 10th Anniversary 2021 Child Care Success Summit, perhaps at a higher price than your current investment.
Then pray your closest competitors don’t attend this event and gain an instant advantage over you and your child care program. (Sorry – may sound harsh, but it’s true). And…there’s a money-back guarantee on the event so if you discover it’s not what you expected, you’re 100% covered plus I’ll throw in $500 for your time and trouble.

Snapshots of the 2019 Success Summit in Orlando.

Snapshots of the 2018 Success Summit in Dallas.

Snapshots of the 2017 Success Summit in Chicago

Snapshots of the 2016 Success Summit in Phoenix

Snapshots of the 2015 Success Summit in Orlando

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